Codeception with Yii Part 1 – Acceptance Tests

I will be working with a default, standard, bare Yii webapp generated from the command line – called yiicodecept. > yiic webapp yiicodecept !Important! For starters, delete the protected/tests directory – Codeception will create what it needs in there. We generally follow Codeception install instructions here: Summary: Save .phar to root/protected of webapp (yiicodecept/protected) […]

Setting up Yii Testing with XAMPP, PHPUnit and Selenium

Setup Yii Testing In protected/tests/WebTestCase.php, change TEST_BASE_URL to your project define(‘TEST_BASE_URL’,’’); Check protected/tests/bootstrap.php to make sure it is configured in a reasonable manner.  I believe in most cases it will be fine – I am using the yii-environment extension, and needed to copy over my config so it would read from existing config files.  Take […]

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