Netgear Web Managed Smart Switch Configuration

Accessing Netgear Web Managed Smart Switch Configuration

This post explains how to configure the line of Netgear Web Managed Smart Switches WITHOUT installing their configuration utility (using only your web browser). Not sure why Netgear pushes users towards installing their configuration utility in order to perform simple setup tasks, but it is not necessary (and, IMO a complete waste). By default, the […]

Windows 10 Import Pictures Zero New Pictures Found

This message appears when you attempt to re-import pictures from a device that you’ve already imported them from (but maybe you didn’t delete them the first time?).  The reason is that Windows 10 keeps a record of all the images you’ve imported from your devices using the Photo Import Wizard/tool, presumeably to prevent you from importing a bunch […]

Clean installing Windows 10

This post will provide instructions for performing a clean install of the Windows 10 operating system using a valid Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 license (or OEM License).  Hopefully Microsoft will provide Windows 10 as an ISO download, similar to the way Windows 8 was released, and these instructions will be similar to clean installing […]

Enter a SIM Unlock Code on a Nokia Lumia 635 with Windows Phone 8.1

You will need to get a device unlock code from a mobile provider before using this guide.  They are pretty cheap on the web, and free from AT&T at  If you purchased a GoPhone, and currently have an AT&T post-paid account, you need to use the “Non-AT&T Mobility Customer” option. It was very difficult to find […]

Windows 8 File History – Change Computer Name

I will show you how to change the “Computer Name” portion of your Windows 8 File History backups. This method applies to the following scenarios: You replaced your old computer, but would like to continue using the same File History Backup You changed your Computer Name AFTER initially setting up File History Navigate to C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\FileHistory […]

Subaru WRX Service Specifications

The following information applies to the 2011 Subaru WRX and STi, and comes from the Subaru Factory Service Manual.  16- and 15-inch type refers to the floating pad configuration on the WRX (even though it likely came with 17-inch wheels). Front Brakes Front Brake Pad Service Limits Front Brake Pad Thickness Specification Wear Limit 16-inch […]

Saving offline copies of your WebOS apps (IPKs) before HP App Catalog Shutdown

**** UPDATE 6/27/2015: As of the App Catalog Shutdown, this method will no longer work!! **** With the HP App Catalog shutting down soon, now is the time to grab offline copies of any of the apps you’ve installed or purchased. This method will use your devices’ existing credentials to grab a list of all […]

[FIXED] iOS7 Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications

After finally updating my iPhone 4 to IOS7 (7.0.4), I noticed I began to get an error message when opening certain apps: Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications.  “App Name” notifications may include alerts, sounds and icon badges. I tried a bunch of things to fix it: Connecting to iTunes (duh) and syncing Logging […]

Solid background and wallpaper on iOS 7

By default, iOS 7 has some fancy wallpapers included, but sometimes you just want a simple solid color.  This will be a lot more efficient as we only need to store a single pixel in memory, and you can remove transparency effects to reduce some strain on graphics processing (set opacity to 1). You can choose […]

Cryptic MySQL Error on DROP TABLE

Ran across this fairly unhelpful error in MySQL today: InnoDB: Error: in ALTER TABLE `myschema`.`mytablename` has or is referenced in foreign key constraints which are not compatible with the new table definition. [Warning]: Invalid (old?) table or database name ‘#sql-a5c_8’ InnoDB: Error: table `myschema`.`mytablename` does not exist in the InnoDB internal data dictionary though MySQL is trying to drop […]

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