Codeception with Yii Part 1 – Acceptance Tests

I will be working with a default, standard, bare Yii webapp generated from the command line – called yiicodecept. > yiic webapp yiicodecept !Important! For starters, delete the protected/tests directory – Codeception will create what it needs in there. We generally follow Codeception install instructions here: Summary: Save .phar to root/protected of webapp (yiicodecept/protected) […]

Setting up Yii Testing with XAMPP, PHPUnit and Selenium

Setup Yii Testing In protected/tests/WebTestCase.php, change TEST_BASE_URL to your project define(‘TEST_BASE_URL’,’’); Check protected/tests/bootstrap.php to make sure it is configured in a reasonable manner.  I believe in most cases it will be fine – I am using the yii-environment extension, and needed to copy over my config so it would read from existing config files.  Take […]

Keep Your Free Account

Programmatically login to your account Per the discussion and script provided by azertx here, I’ve decided to document things a little more clearly in the hopes that more people are able to continue using the FREE dynamic hostname service. Create a perl script called ‘’ containing the following code: #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use […]

Solved: Bluetooth Mouse Disconnecting on Windows 8.1

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I started having problems with my bluetooth mouse disconnecting from my Dell XPS14 frequently.  Every few minutes or so it would stop responding entirely, then I would have to go to the Bluetooth Devices screen – this would usually kick it out of its “sleeping” state, but only temporarily.  Eventually, […]

uTorrent Proxy Connection Error or DHT: Waiting to log in

When using uTorrent, you get the following notice in the status bar: DHT: Waiting to log in In the Tracker Status, you will see: [DHT] waiting for announce Proxy connect error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. As well as the status changing from “Ok” to “No incoming connections” […]

Looping video on an iPhone or iPod Touch

Contrary to what a quick Google search will tell you, looping video on an iPhone or iPod Touch is simple, easy, and most importantly, FREE – using built-in features.  I tried a ton of video player apps before I actually found a solution that works – figured others would benefit from this post, so here […]

Fixing iTunes Restore Error 16xx (1600, 1604, 1648…etc)

If you’re having problems restoring your iPhone, iPod and keep getting one of these 16xx errors, the solution might be much simpler than you think! The iPhone could not be restored.  An unknown error occurred (1600). There are numerous reasons for running into these errors – one of the simplest (and least obvious) fixes for […]

Inspiron 1420 Obituary

I’ve been putting this off for a long time, but my trusty laptop is really on its last legs this time.  It was bought in October of 2008 for $780 (after my trusty Inspiron 8500 died – RIP *tear) – making it almost exactly 5 years old to the day. In all reality it’s lasted […]

Adding Google Analytics to Your WordPress Site

First thing I do anytime I spin up a new site is to add Google Analytics to it.  This lets me see what is being used on the site, by who, how often…etc, and can be invaluable to any small business that wants to know more about its customers. Site analytics are also useful for […]

Hello world!

Here’s my first post – figured it was about time to start putting up some of my trials and tribulations as a nerd for the benefit of posterity. Some things I intend to cover here: Programming (PHP, Yii, MySQL, javascript, jquery, EnyoJS) Running a website (Dreamhost, linux scripts, WordPress, AdWords, Google Analytics) General Hacks (Windows […]

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