Windows 10 Import Pictures Zero New Pictures Found

This message appears when you attempt to re-import pictures from a device that you’ve already imported them from (but maybe you didn’t delete them the first time?).  The reason is that Windows 10 keeps a record of all the images you’ve imported from your devices using the Photo Import Wizard/tool, presumeably to prevent you from importing a bunch […]

Windows 8 File History – Change Computer Name

I will show you how to change the “Computer Name” portion of your Windows 8 File History backups. This method applies to the following scenarios: You replaced your old computer, but would like to continue using the same File History Backup You changed your Computer Name AFTER initially setting up File History Navigate to C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\FileHistory […]

Fixing iTunes Restore Error 16xx (1600, 1604, 1648…etc)

If you’re having problems restoring your iPhone, iPod and keep getting one of these 16xx errors, the solution might be much simpler than you think! The iPhone could not be restored.  An unknown error occurred (1600). There are numerous reasons for running into these errors – one of the simplest (and least obvious) fixes for […]

Hello world!

Here’s my first post – figured it was about time to start putting up some of my trials and tribulations as a nerd for the benefit of posterity. Some things I intend to cover here: Programming (PHP, Yii, MySQL, javascript, jquery, EnyoJS) Running a website (Dreamhost, linux scripts, WordPress, AdWords, Google Analytics) General Hacks (Windows […]

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