Netgear Web Managed Smart Switch Configuration

Accessing Netgear Web Managed Smart Switch Configuration

This post explains how to configure the line of Netgear Web Managed Smart Switches WITHOUT installing their configuration utility (using only your web browser). Not sure why Netgear pushes users towards installing their configuration utility in order to perform simple setup tasks, but it is not necessary (and, IMO a complete waste). By default, the […]

Solved: Bluetooth Mouse Disconnecting on Windows 8.1

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I started having problems with my bluetooth mouse disconnecting from my Dell XPS14 frequently.  Every few minutes or so it would stop responding entirely, then I would have to go to the Bluetooth Devices screen – this would usually kick it out of its “sleeping” state, but only temporarily.  Eventually, […]

Inspiron 1420 Obituary

I’ve been putting this off for a long time, but my trusty laptop is really on its last legs this time.  It was bought in October of 2008 for $780 (after my trusty Inspiron 8500 died – RIP *tear) – making it almost exactly 5 years old to the day. In all reality it’s lasted […]

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