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Clean installing Windows 10

This post will provide instructions for performing a clean install of the Windows 10 operating system using a valid Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 license (or OEM License).  Hopefully Microsoft will provide Windows 10 as an ISO download, similar to the way Windows 8 was released, and these instructions will be similar to clean installing Windows 8.

Clean installing offers the best performance and reliability, due to the fact that you are not retrofitting a new operating system on top of all your old cruft.  User profile and library directories are created from scratch and not linked/renamed, the driver cache and registry hive are cleared and start fresh…etc.

For a more detailed explanation of the benefits of a clean install,  see this How-To Geek article.

All add more info as the specifics of the Windows 10 upgrade path become clear…

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