[FIXED] iOS7 Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications

After finally updating my iPhone 4 to IOS7 (7.0.4), I noticed I began to get an error message when opening certain apps: Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications.  “App Name” notifications may include alerts, sounds and icon badges. I tried a bunch of things to fix it: Connecting to iTunes (duh) and syncing Logging […]

Solid background and wallpaper on iOS 7

By default, iOS 7 has some fancy wallpapers included, but sometimes you just want a simple solid color.  This will be a lot more efficient as we only need to store a single pixel in memory, and you can remove transparency effects to reduce some strain on graphics processing (set opacity to 1). You can choose […]

Cryptic MySQL Error on DROP TABLE

Ran across this fairly unhelpful error in MySQL today: InnoDB: Error: in ALTER TABLE `myschema`.`mytablename` has or is referenced in foreign key constraints which are not compatible with the new table definition. [Warning]: Invalid (old?) table or database name ‘#sql-a5c_8’ InnoDB: Error: table `myschema`.`mytablename` does not exist in the InnoDB internal data dictionary though MySQL is trying to drop […]

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